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Brian T.

Putter Fitting


Scott was terrific - my only regret was that I didn't make this investment earlier! Another home run by the experts at Windmill. Couldn't recommend the team there more highly!

Alexis G.

Putter Fitting

8, 2022

I’ve done a putter fitting, putter evaluation, and also putting lesson with Scott. Scott is awesome! The evaluation and fitting were both very thorough. I was able to test multiple putters, putt on the large indoor putting green, and my putting stroke was evaluated using the Sam Putting Lab which provides detailed feedback about every aspect of the stroke. Scott has also helped me improve my putting stroke by offering great insight, knowledge, and tips. The accuracy of controlling my line has seen the greatest improvement. I highly recommend Windmill Golf Center Macedonia for anyone considering a putter fitting.

Ian H.

Driver Fitting


See Above

I have been going to Trent for about 10 years now. He is always helpful and knowledgeable in the new technology. he knows what my games needs. I was using a driver from my old swing and it was not performing with my new swing. The new driver was more forgiving and longer than my old driver. It cant get better than that really.

Larry K.

Full Bag Fitting


Great deal of comprehensive information about your swing. Learned how to improve my stroke with grip change, club adjustment, new grips. Well worth a visit if you're serious about your game....but there are no quick fixes, alas.

Brent H.

Full Bag Fitting


Working with Scott was an absolute pleasure. His understanding of the science behind the golf swing is amazing. We added 12 yards to my 7 iron and 22 yards to my driver. I’m excited to get my new clubs!

Danielle P.

3 Wood Fitting


Awesome service as always! Cliff is the best! He takes the time to look at the things that matter based on your swing which allows him to give you the best recommendation possible. This is the second time I have worked with Cliff and both times have been amazing and has helped me get the equipment I need to better my game!

Ed. R.

Driver Fitting


I had a driver review/fitting on 10/20/2021 with Scott. This was an awesome experience. He asked for my input as to what my goals were and what shot(s) drive me crazy and would want to eliminate if it was within his power to do so. At the end of it all he made adjustments to my current equipment because it already was what would be best for my game…. There was no “you need this to be better “ type of talk or pressure. He was only interested in making my game better regardless of what the path!

Jim R.

2 Club Fitting


Alex was excellent- answered all of my questions Would highly recommend! This was my first time at Windmill and I plan to go back for putter fitting and possibly lessons this winter.


Putter Fitting


My putter fitting was with Scott Galayde. He was awesome. Very thorough and knowledgeable, and even offered a few coaching tips. I was hesitant to get a putter fitting but it was well worth it. I thought I knew how to choose the correct putter for myself based on my height, type of stroke, and feel, but I was completely wrong and I happened to need the opposite type of putter (center balanced vs toe hang) than what I was about to purchase.

Tom S.

Wood Fitting


The fitting with Cary was great. This was my 3rd fitting with him. He is patient and relates very well to non-scratch golfers. He guides you through the process and does not force his opinions on you. I trust his advice and judgement. I have an issue getting the interactive Trackman report from the session. I'm not sure what the problems is with that. I highly recommend Cary.

Mark D.

Driver Fitting


AJ asked me all the right questions regarding my game and what I was trying to achieve with the fitting experience. We discussed many of the technical aspects that affect the ball flight like, spin, carry, smash effect, etc. All of these data points were recorded and reviewed when determining the best driver head, shaft and grip for my swing. We spent an hour working at getting me in the right driver and it was time and money well spent. Thanks AJ for your time and expertise.

Marilyn M.

Iron Fitting


I had a club fitting with Mr. Maxwell. He was very thorough. He also went beyond what I expected and beyond what he was suppose to do. He was very patient and very knowledgeable. Numerous choices of clubs. I would highly recommend your center for anyone looking to purchase clubs

Nick G.

Driver Fitting


I had an excellent experience getting fit for a driver with Alex. The setup is great - you can see the actual ball flight and get the Trackman data. We identified an issue with my club delivery that was causing me to lose distance and directional control. Alex went through a series of heads and shafts and we improved substantially over what my current driver was doing.

I purchased the Titleist TSI3. Given all the adjustability the club has, I will be able use it as my swing evolves.

T. S.

Full Bag Fitting


I've bought clubs off the shelf/second hand my whole life. This was my first fitting and I went to Windmill GC based on a recommendation from a buddy of mine who had a club fitting there. I had a great session with Scott and I enjoyed the analytical/brand agnostic approach he took. I came in thinking that I wanted one brand top to bottom and I was convinced by the end to mix my bag to improve shot consistency/distance. I'm looking forward to getting the clubs and seeing how they impact my game.

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