Why Get Fitted?

It is like buying shoes. There are certain styles and sizes that best fit, and everyone is different. It is important to get fitted with us because we give the customer:
  • Live Ball Flight

  • Apples to Apples Comparisons

  • Service to Your Unique Needs and Swing

Driver, Fairway Wood, Irons and Wedges

For a single Fitting Item:
For 2 Fitting Items:
Two Fitting Items examples:
Driver and Iron, FW and Wedge, ect.
Get Fit For Your Best Clubs
This Fitting Session Includes
  • Try clubs of your choice and Fitter's recommendations
  • Up to 75 minutes of trackman use for a single fitting and 150 minutes for two fittings
  • Data to take home
*Price may drop if clubs are purchased within a reasonable amount of time

SAM Putter Fitting

Get Fit For The Flatstick Of Your Dreams
This Fitting Session Includes
  • Try putters of your choice and Fitter's recommendations
  • Up to 60 minutes with SAM
  • Data to take home
*Price if clubs are purchased within a reasonable amount of time

Full Bag Fitting

Reload Your Bag With All New Equipment This Year
This Fitting Session Includes
  • All clubs EXCEPT the putter
  • Try clubs of your choice and Fitter's recommendations
  • Use of Trackman
  • Data to take home
  • *Putter Fitting Sold Separately*
*Price if clubs are purchased within a reasonable amount of time


TrackMan is a Radar system that tracks swing path and the golf ball in flight. It gives our Fitters precise measurements to fit anyone for their perfect club unique to their swing. It leaves our customers feeling confident on club decision for their game.
TrackMan measurements include​:
  • Carry Distance

  • Total Distance

  • Spin Rate

  • Side Spin

  • Face Angle

  • Club Path

  • Ball Flight

  • Attack Angle

  • Ball Speed

Custom Fitting Testimonials

Trent put forth a lot of effort into my driver fitting. He has great skill in what he does and is committed to make the fitting session productive for his customers. I could not be more pleased with the driver he put together for me...I'm just killin' it!


I made an appointment with Trent to reevaluate my swing and recommend the right equipment to fit the needs of my swing and game. During my session, my experience could not have been any better. Trent never rushed me or tried to push something on me. Instead, he listened carefully to what I was experiencing with my current set of clubs and what I wanted to achieve going forward. During that session, he never tried to sell me anything. Instead he worked hard to get me to the correct grips, shaft and club to fit my swing. It was truly a great experience and one that left me feeling confident about what I can now do on the golf course. I now tell all my friends about my experience and the opportunity to get better with their game by working with Trent.


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